DARKTRIBE “Mysticeti Victoria”

“Mysticeti Victoria”
I have a very special relationship with French metal. Have had so ever since I heard my first French metal band back in the 80s. Darktribe could very well be another new French metal favourite. It started on a high note with a very symphonic beginning and it carried on that way. I couldn’t help thinking of Heavenly when I listened to this. I love metal with bigger than life arrangements. Which is why I love Kamelot, Rhapsody and any band that have the guts to go that little extra and not be afraid of being called pretentious. There is bad pretentious and then there is good pretentious. This is good pretentious. Why play it safe? You only live once. For that reason alone I like “Mysticeti Victoria”. Every once in a while you need something that takes you on a journey far away from everyday life. Anders Ekdahl

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