Daughtry – “Break The Spell – Tour Edition”

Daughtry – “Break The Spell – Tour Edition” CD / DVD (Sony Music)

I haveta confess that I’d never even heard of Daughtry until this release – but then I’m not exactly an avid watcher of American Idol from which frontman vocalist Chris Daughtry made his name as a season 5 finalist. Since then, he’s gone onto even bigger fame and fortune scoring no less that 4 number 1’s, selling over seven million albums worldwide and had 4 Grammy nominations fronting his namesake band sorta in the same vein as Bon Jovi. Musically, its not too different either, being an even more melodic American rock band characterised by ballads, catchy melodies and singalong choruses judging by the likes of ‘Renegade’, ‘We’re Not Gonna Fall’ and ‘Maybe We’re Already Gone’, the last of which is one of the bonus tracks on the deluxe version of this third album release from Daughtry. The tour edition, designed to coincide with the band’s Sept tour with Nickelback, is essentially this amped up album plus a DVD made up of live and official video performances. Although a tad poppy for my heavyweight appetite, Chris Daughtry does nevertheless put in a fine vocal performance and the catchiness of his rock may warrant further interest from those more into the mainstream.

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