DAUTHA “Brethren Of The Black Soil”

” Brethren Of The Black Soil”
(Ván Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I totally love Italian Doomsword. That is a band that in my book haven’t made one single bad album. Every single one is a classic. They play a type of epic metal that is so good that it is almost criminal. But since they haven’t released anything since 2011 I have to look elsewhere for my fix of epic/doom metal. and I think I have found a perfect substitute in Sweden’s DAUTHA. This is epic doom metal. or is it epic/doom metal? Any way this is truly magnificent. I have seen the name DAUTHA flowing about in the underground but never gotten round to fully check them out but with this debut album now being released there was no time better than now. And I have no reason to regret it. This is just so bloody good that I just want to listen to it and not type anymore. Anders Ekdahl

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