DAVID CARON “Thru Never Ending Black”

“Thru Never Ending Black”
I don’t know how bright it is to release a double CD with close to 30 tracks but red has to be given where it is deserved. You can’t complain that you haven’t gotten enough songs to enjoy with this album. That I have no prior knowledge of David Caron just makes this so much more worthy of my attention. Now I really get to make his acquaintance. And the first thing that hits me is how British this sounds. It made me think of old bands like Rio or Shy. Bands that have both the melodic and the bluesy side. It also brought about memories of a time that was simpler. This is like being back in a time when movies like Back to The Future was the latest craze. A time when the future looked bright and not like now a dystopia. This turned out a jolly good album. Anders Ekdahl

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