Day of Execution – “Pointless Cause”

EP (Mulligore Production)

Death metal from Bulgaria! These guys formed in 2005 under the dubious name of Reichsradio when they were a death / grind band but after watching “The Green Mile” changed their name to Day of Execution and became a full on death metal band. Mixing old and new schools there’s enough of a mixture of SFU pig squeals to guttural vocals from mainman Svetoslav Vasilev to keep the chundering tempo going on brutal songs like ‘Lust For Gore’, ‘Wormfeast’ and ‘The Greatest Pleasure’. The guitar work mixes diddly dee fretboarding with roaring riffola whilst chucking in some cool melodies as the marching rhythm tramples you like an invading army. Whilst not breaking any boundaries, Day of Execution stick to time tested catchy hooks in their music which definitely makes it worth checking out and as musicians, these Bulgarians are up there with the most competent international deathsters.

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