Days Of Loss – “Our Frail Existence”


Days Of Loss – “Our Frail Existence” (Noiseheadrecords)

Chopping melodic death thrash from Mozart’s motherland! Twin barreled syrup thick riffing with heaps of sustain a la Metallica lacquered with tons of brooding melodies and finally topped off by Ben Pauswek’s dark, rasping vocals work a treat on songs like ‘End Time’, the close to Carcass sounding ‘Catharsis‘ and the In Flames like ‘Circles’s End‘. All in all an excellent effort which prompts the obvious question: how did they get this good!? Well, Days Of Loss of been amazingly going since the mid 90s and have already released three prior albums, until a hiatus took place between 2004-2010 whereupon the initial quartet added another member and began writing the material for this aspiring album. Well, it’s been worth the effort as this promising band clearly have talent, having been nominated for an “Amadeus Music Award” (Austrian Grammy) as well as playing shows with In Flames, Suffocation, Heaven Shall Burn, and Brujeria. My guess is that as they mainly tour in their native Austria, as well as Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, hence why their profile has remained localized, however with this album they have the means to go further, much further indeed.

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