DC4 – “Atomic Highway”

DC4 – “Atomic Highway” (Highvol Music) 

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After 2011’s devastating “Electric Ministry” comes the 4th album from this family super collaboration of the Duncan Clan 4 made up of: Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint, Odin) on guitar and vocals, drummer Shawn Duncan (Odin, Killer Bee), bassist Matt Duncan and their kid brother Rowan Robertson (Dio, Raiding The Rock Vault) also on guitar! If you’re a fan of driving US hard rock towards the heavier end of the scale along the lines of early Armored Saint and Y&T, then DC4 deliver the high octane fuel and headbanging furore to very much meet that need. However, given the heritage of the band, expect on balance plenty of balls out melodies and most of all, hugely catchy songs very much centred on the power of the riff with heaps of gutsy hooks, teasing licks and rock out air punching choruses! From ‘Seize The Day’ with its pounding drum work and dirty chugging riffs, Jeff Duncan’s tender vocals offer the perfect contrast as the momentum builds into the powering shouted out chorus before a monster swaggering riff takes the track into soulful soloing albeit with a smouldering backdrop – awesome. Raging with rock aggression on ‘Queen Of Angels’ the contrast of sassy and fiery guitars to the harmony chorus couldn’t be greater, but in the hands of the Duncans, it’s nothing short of a classic Americana anthem made to shake a stadium – and that’s before the guitar god solo ignites your loins – yeah baby! With Shawn Duncan’s kick drum pistoning away on the stoked title track ‘Atomic Highway’ the twin guitars chunder away like two street racing hot rods before the chorus once again detonates while the air punchers will definitely be shouting out to ‘Something In My Head’ with its rhyming lyrics and naturally super catchy shouted out chorus. Man, these guys even have the balls to cover The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’ – no mean feat – but with Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses) guesting they do it in such style and in their way too, there’s little I can fault in it. I’m not surprised this album is called “Atomic Highway” cos this really is nothing short of rocket fuelled heavy rock courtesy of the mighty Duncan clan reigning supreme once again!

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