DE PROFUNDIS “The Emptiness Within”

”The Emptiness Within”
I somehow got De Profundis confused with Primitive Graven Image, not so much by name as by origin. Realizing that I hadn’t heard De Profundis prior to receiving this album it was with an all cleared mind that I took on this album. Not knowing too much about the band I didn’t really know what to expect. I do somehow suspect that this is going to be progressive but not to what extent or at what end of that spectrum it will all end at. My first vibe is that this is going to be My Dying Bride heavy but that seemed to change as soon as the music started. Sure, De Profundis are heavy but not as melancholic as MDB. There is more of a black metal feel to this than anything else. For some strange reason this all sounds so familiar yet I can’t seem to put my finger on what it is that it reminds me of. As for this being progressive. Well. To some extent that is correct. There is a slight progressive feel to it but not as such that I would label it progressive black metal. And while I do enjoy it I can’t get that nagging feel out of my head that I’ve heard this before. Anders Ekdahl

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