DE PROFUNDIS “The Blinding Light of Faith”

“The Blinding Light of Faith”
(Transcending Obscurity Records)

Battle Helm Rating

As I look through the discography of DE PROFUNDIS I am no longer certain that I have heard anything by them prior to this new album, even though my memory says that I have a previous album by them in my collection. And it most probably is so too. It is just that I cannot remember what that album sounds like. But this new one is a cool one. If I were to describe this I’d say that it is somewhat technical death metal. Not technical as latter day Death but still technical enough. In a way this makes me think of good old Revenant and their “Prophecies Of A Dying World” brought into the 21st century. Or the old Mexican band Toxodeth. But don’t let the talk of technical scare you from checking this one out because in the end this is one hell of a death metal album. Anders Ekdahl

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