Battle Helm Rating

This is an odd name for a band and it does not really tell me anything about what to expect from the music, unless I expect something totally off the wall. And since I don’t this is gonna be a really cool surprise or a brutal let down. This is much more hardrock, even heavy metal, than I expected it to be. With a band name like that I kinda expected this to be some sort of flipped out Frank Zappa trip but it grooves really cool. This is some catchy as hell stuff. It got me hooked from the very first riff. What annoys me though is that I have so many bands on the tip of my tongue that this brings to mind but I cannot seem to remember their names. But that doesn’t really matter. This is so good that I enjoy it no matter who it reminds me of. It has the melodies, the drive and that cool groove that rumbles in your gut. A really cool surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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