DEAD AWAKEN “Where Hope Turns To Die”

”Where Hope Turns Dripping Red”
Another Swedish death metal band. How many are there really? Does it never end? It’s good then that I’m a huge sucka for Swedish death metal, or any other death metal for that matter. I can’t seem to get enough of this stuff no matter where it comes from. Where I had hoped for a Dismember-ish death metal assault I got more of a Morbid Angel kind. This is heavy the way that “Blessed Are The Sick” is heavy. I get a strong 1990 Earache vibe from this album. I can almost smell the thick paper cover and the black vinyl. That is how much this brings me back to a time much simpler. And no, I’m not being nostalgic. It just hit me how much this sounds like my youth. But as they say, what once was good will always be good. So if it worked back then why would it not work now? Anders Ekdahl

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