Dead City Ruins – “Midnight Killer”

Dead City Ruins – “Midnight Killer” (

Ironically this hard rockin’ Aussie crew formed in London in 2007, but despite releasing an EP called in “Lost In London”, homesickness took its toll and the guys upped and left back for sunny Melbourne, reforming the band with old schoolmates no less. Essentially straight outta the AC/DC book, DCR’s music is wholesome, straight up no nonsense hard rock n roll. Warbling melodies, riff raff guitar and beer soaked rhythms prepare you for Jake’s searing vocals, which owe as much to Axel Rose as Bon Scott both in style and sass on songs like ‘Highway Girl’, ‘Where You Gonna Run’ and ‘Damn My Eyes’. With enough fire to propel them back to England via Dubai, DCR are all geared up to invade Europe yet again for more tits LOL!

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