DEAD ENDS “Petrichor”

(This Is Core)
OK, this is a band that I have no idea where they come from or where they are going. They are new to me but then so many others have been and I’ve established a connection with them. I hope that that will happen this time too. I am not the biggest fan of stuff like Dead By April that are a bit too poppy in their sound. DEAD ENDS is another of these bands that play some sort of modern metal. It is wrong to call it metalcore because it has more in common with bands like Sonic Syndicate but perhaps a bit harder at the edges. We’ve heard a number of these bands coming from the British Isles for example in recent years so this Italian band should fit very well in that bunch if you like all these bands with four letter names that I can’t remember but whose music resonates well with me. Anders Ekdahl

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