DEAD “Hardnaked But Dead”

“Hardnaked But Dead”
(FDA Rekotz)
I have a 7” with Dead that is older than time itself. It dates back to when Nuclear Blast was a new label. I don’t remember anything about what it sounds like and I haven’t cared for Dead since that 7”. So I have no idea what to expect from this German cult act on “Hardnaked But Dead”. And I still don’t know what to think after having heard the album. I kinda expected some extreme grindcore that makes Napalm Death’s “From Enslavement To Obliteration” seem like a Sunday walk in the park but this turned out to be more restraint than that. It feels a bit heavy footed to be honest. Like it’s played on the wrong speed. More death metal than grindcore. I guess that I like this but I’m not 100% sure about it. It feels like I’ve been cheated on a perfect date and ended up with the not so good looking sister. Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a great date after all. Anders Ekdahl

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