DEAD SUN “Soil’s Kingdom”

”Soil’s Kingdom”
(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation)

Battle Helm Rating

Man, I have been doing this since 1995, reviewing and doing interviews and yet I find myself discovering bands that I have missed out on over the years. Like Swedish DEAD SUN. I have no idea why I missed out on the 2013 debut, or why I didn’t know of the band prior to that album. It annoys the fuck outta me. But now I do get to hear this band and for that I am grateful. This is death metal of a more melodic kind. Not exactly melodeath but still with a flair for the melodic. As I get to hear so much cool music all weeks long it makes me realize how much I miss different styles. And hearing this puts a tear to my eye that I don’t get to hear more of this kinda stuff. This one I really enjoyed. What I like is that sense of melancholy. That along with a slight goth tone makes this one strong album that I will treasure well. Anders Ekdahl

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