DEADBORN “Mayhem Maniac Machine”

“Mayhem Maniac Machine”
(Apostasy Records)
Deadborn, stillborn, never born. Death metal the way Deadborn play it has a certain appeal. This is raw and to the point. No fussing about. It is like being hit with a sledgehammer from the very first note. But is it a good beating or is it just a painful one? I have to say that “Mayhem Maniac Machine” rightly so impressed me. This is death metal in some of its purest form. No melodeath tendencies, no high pitched screams just pure from the depth of hell vocals, a pace that would kill even the fittest of 100m runners and a sound that could cut steel. This is death metal in the Cannibal Corpse league. This is death metal the way it sounded in the 90s. This is pure hell set to music. And it is so damn good that I think I’ll spin this disc one more time. Anders Ekdahl

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