DEADHEAD ”Swine Plague”

”Swine Plague”
(Hammerheart Records)

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I remember DEAD HEAD from the 90s. I think I even have one of their early records in my collection. This as I remember it was a deathrash kinda band back in the days. They weren’t pure thrash and not full out death metal. It is going to be interesting to see what some odd 20 years has done to the band and their sound. I wish I could say that this sounds like they did in the 90s but the truth is that I do not remember what they sounded like back then. But I can say with certainty that this is old school thrash, deathrash. Not too technical. More for the throat. As I couldn’t remember what they sounded like I had no idea what to expect. But this is thrash for those of you that like early Kreator as well as the harder school of US thrash from the 90s. As much as this is a nostalgia trip it is also very contemporary. This is timeless thrash. Anders Ekdahl

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