Deadlock – “The Arsonist”

Deadlock – “The Arsonist” (Napalm Records)

Probably the most beautiful band in the world. Well, that’s probably how some people might describe the pop metal (or disco death lol – Ed) of Bavaria’s Deadlock. Formed in the late 90s as a band playing death metal, their subsequent evolutions introduced increasing melody and finally a dual female vocalist in Sabine Scherer who also brought in electro and pop harmonies. Today they blend in harsh male vocals and even djent beats making for one of the most diverse bands around so much so that they recently lost their bassist and long time vocalist / lyricist Joe Prem. Showing their resilience, Deadlock have bounced back successfully with this 6th album, with little change to their overall sound. With former bassist John Gahlert now handling harsh vocals, Sabine – who was initially brought in as a guest vocalist – is now very much to the fore with her contrasting pop style and powerful melodies amidst the thrashing of the rest of the band. But all it works a treat on songs like ‘Dead City Sleepers’ and ‘As We Come Undone’ which show how effective this blend can be, and just to show their confidence, they easily take on Bronski Beat’s ‘Small Town Boy’, giving it some chick balls n man sweat that Jimmy Somerville could only dream of lol!

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