DEADLY REMAINS “Severing Humanity”

“Severing Humanity”
When you mention California you think sun and sandy beaches. Life guards that runs up and down with bouncing breasts. Or do you? Is it just me that have been Baywatched? Deadly Remains are not something you’d like to meet at the beach. This is a monster of a death metal album. It is full on blast from the first note. I like it! There is something to being bludgeoned from start to finish. It’s like fighting a bear over who’s the toughest bastard in the woods. If you win you’ll be one lucky son of a gun. If you lose, who cares? I feel the same way about this album. There is no way this is going to defeat me. I’m gonna win over this one. If you like your death metal served raw rather than well cooked then this is gonna be your kind of dinner. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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