Deaf Rat – “Ban The Light”

Deaf Rat – “Ban The Light” (AFM Records)
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Whooaah – stand by for more kick ass hard rock from Sweden!!! Growing up outcast in their childhoods cos of their love for rock n roll, few can blame these four dudes from Dalarna for being influenced by other bands in their region like Pain, Hypocrisy, Twilight Force and not in the least, Sabaton, to follow in their footsteps. Unashamedly espousing a hard working ethic but focusing it away from steel and mining into their love of hard rock, Deaf Rat’s amazing debut is testament to their philosophy to ‘…follow your heart and dreams and let nobody decide what is best for you in life..’. With no frills, no big name producers and definitely not a hint of hype, the 10 tracks on “Ban The Light” appeal to you through the purest channel of all – the music. From deep melodies to kick ass licks, balls heavy riffs and a steadfast refusal to be beaten down driving the charged energy and passion inherent in their composing and playing, Deaf Rat have come outta the gutter fighting through a range of gutsy rockers varying in tempos as well as hardness, although all have a healthy dose of catchy melody embodying the spirit of the band. Opening aggressively with ‘Fallen Angels’, chundering riffs and hard hitting double bass beats pave the way for a catchy main guitar melody supplied by guitarists Pat Kramer and Max Lander who also add their vocals to main man Frankie Rich especially on the memorable singalong chorus. Following up swiftly is the swanky ‘Hail The End Of Days’ with its modern metal fret board melodies and a slightly brooding edge, yet graced by a powerfully uplifting shouted out chorus that could demolish a stadium, such is the ambition of this incredibly talented youthful band, as evidenced in this amazing anthem. Starting quietly enough, ‘Make You Suffer’ does exactly that, albeit with intense pleasure through heavy riffs and hammering drums before Rich’s teasing tones of rhyming lines hook you in for the  massive chorus shout out culminating in the guitar ignition of pure rock n roll fury. An amazing debut by all accounts, “Ban The Light” is all about young hearts, and the fire than burns in them.
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