DEATH AGONY “Carcinogenic Memories”

“Carcinogenic Memories”
Another slash of French death metal. What have I done to deserve this honour. The ones I’ve heard lately have all been to my liking so it is with great trepidation that I take on this one too. I love me some really good death metal. That feel of being blown away by the sheer power of the down tuned guitar is like heaven to me. This is so guttural and rotten that I can’t but like it. Death metal that sounds like it’s stuck in the deepest mud puddle is my weakness. This is the kind of stuff that I grew up to. The stuff you had on rehearsal tapes that you had traded for with friends from all over the world. This is what death metal was all about when I got into the heavier end of the stuff in the 90s. This is the stuff that I could listen to until the day I die. Anders Ekdahl

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