DEATH BY AXOMOTY “Point Of Illumination”

“Point Of Illumination”
(Final Nail)
I have no idea what axomoty means. And even less what death by it entails. But I’m sure that it is nothing that I want to be subjected to in any way but musically. If the band name is anything to go by then this could very well be a hell of an album. Or it could be one of these albums that I don’t understand a shit about. An album that you really need a special interest to like. And I gotta say that it leans towards the latter. This is very special. And not necessary any good. I usually don’t complain about the sound, basically because the days of really crappy sound is gone but this album has one of the loudest drum sound I’ve heard in a while. Don’t know if that is intentionally but it makes it hard to hear the guitar and bass. And it makes it even harder to actually like the death metal (or is it grindcore?) of sorts that this band plays. I’ll leave it at that while I get further acquainted with this album. Anders Ekdahl

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