Death By Ki – “The Right Of Might”

Death By Ki – “The Right Of Might” EP (

Hailing outta England’s cider county of Somerset comes Death By Ki, who mix Metallica with metalcore on this strong armed EP. Mighty rebounding Metalli riffs and Kirk Hammett inspired solos go rocket insane as the band shift into overdrive on songs like ‘Like Oxygen To Fire’, ‘TAO’ and ‘Lights Out’. Vocally, Josh Ayerst effortlessly interchanges between a more soulful James Hetfield and hardcore barks along with some hoarse shout outs from the rest of the band. Formed under two years ago, Death By Ki are formulaic, however, they competently straddle both old and new worlds and that has seen them already touring as far as Eastern Europe, picking up a legion of fans as they spread the word and power of their Sumerian goddess, Ki.

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