Death Dealer – “Hallowed Ground”


Death Dealer – “Hallowed Ground” (Sweden Music Group)

‘..Heavy metal one for all, Heavy metal hear the call, Heavy metal till we die, Heavy metal you and I..’! Anyone wanting to know what makes the first 6 Manowar albums so special need look no further than Ross The Boss’s new super group – the aptly named Death Dealer! Alongside The Boss are none other than Cage’s Sean Peck on screaming crescendo vocals, Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden) on guitar, and ex-Lizzy Borden / Halford bassist Mike Davis. Originally drafting in fellow ex Manowar skinsman Rhino, this time its Steve Bolognese from Into Eternity who more than makes his presence felt with some pounding drum work that’s well into the richter scale! Proving that “War Master” was no fluke, “Hallowed Ground” blasts in with the same ferocity and classy style that is a mighty combination of five talented veteran musicians. Mixing modern power metal, epic metal and searing rock n roll with heaps of attitude, Death Dealer’s sound is massive and molten – at all times – so don’t be expecting anything genteel, dainty or remotely mellow! From Peck’s screaming sopranos to The Boss’s mind blowing guitar that effortlessly mixes classical metal and 70s street rock topped off with Manowar patented solos, Marshall mercilessly shreds and vanquishes with his own heavy n dirty riffing, leaving Bolognese and Davis to thunder in like a stampeding wildebeest herd! This is true man’s heavy metal, chest beating unashamedly in its boldness as it brazenly charges head first on tracks like berserker frenzy of ‘K.I.L.L’ or the new pledge of allegiance in ‘The Anthem’, and the epic glory ride of ‘Corruption of Blood’ – brave and true to the heart, Death Dealer is one with us all again as we do battle on “Hallowed Ground”!

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