Death Dealer – “War Master”

Death Dealer – “War Master” (Steel Cartel Records)

Searing metal that takes no prisoners! Death Dealer are the new super group made up of MANOWAR’s ex bad boys Ross The Boss and Rhino, together with CAGE’s Sean Peck, Stu Marshall (DUNGEON, EMPIRES OF EDEN) and Mike Davis (HALFORD, LIZZY BORDEN). Playing louder than loud metal this is a high octane cross between early Anthrax, Judas Priest and Manowar! There really is no let up on songs like ‘Never To Kneel’, ‘Hammer Down’ and ‘Liberty Or Death’ as Sean Peck’s crescendo vocals collide with Rhino’s relentless steam hammer drumming and are burned by the twin firebrand guitars of Stu Marshall and the man himself – Ross The Boss! Balancing the raw power comes his amazing melodies with that unmistakeable guitar tone, along with an epic feel giving Death Dealer one helluva sound. Despite playing in different bands over the years worldwide all five veterans are brimming with energy and passion – it’s almost like a virgin band with completely OTT performances making “War Master” a pure US metal inferno!!!

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