Death – “Leprosy”


Death – “Leprosy” Super Limited Delux Vinyl re-issue (Relapse Records)

Evil Chuck lives! Originally released in 1988, this was the hammer smashing sophomore from the pioneering death metal beast known as Death – and what a skull crusher it was that sent shockwaves thru the metal world at the time. If you don’t own this – or yearn for even more from these classic days – then this monster re-issue is the one for you, the original album re-mastered in all its gory glory and now with 50 minutes added of 10 rehearsal tracks that are even rawer and more savage than before! With every song an utter bruiser especially my personal faves ‘Open Casket’, ‘Left To Die’ and the awesome ‘Pull The Plug’ I loved the subtle variations between the different rehearsal tracks of the same songs from Rick Rozz’s classically inspired solos to still being in awe of Bill Andrews even more breakneck drumming! Don’t be expecting any polished add ons, this is as close to a live Death show back in the day complete with all the rawness and pummeling noise in a blistering set that is nothing short of an OTT performance. Offered in 2xCD/Limited Edition, 3xCD/LP/Picture Disc LP/Limited Edition and 2xLP Box set/Digital formats befitting the huge stature of this ground breaking album, “Leprosy” is the one that many bands today owe it all too, as was the masterful vision of one man, Chuck Schuldiner, who will never be forgotten.

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