Death – “Scream Bloody Gore”


Death – “Scream Bloody Gore” Deluxe Reissue 3CD / 2LP (Relapse Records)

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The alpha and omega of death metal. If Chuck Schuldiner will be forever immortalized as the father of death metal, then “Scream Bloody Gore” has gotta be the one that started it all. As a high school kid with a vision and matching talent, Schuldiner had began composing as early as 1984, where his demos soon gained respect across the tape trading underground. Nevertheless, his quest for perfection soon saw him leave his existing band mates and eventually move to California to hook up with 17 year old drummer Chris Reifert, ultimately recording this legendary album. What many people may not realize however, is that “Scream Bloody Gore” was recorded twice! The first session, with drums and guitars only, was recorded in Florida with a later follow up session in LA (using Randy Burns as producer) being the actual one that made it onto the original 1987 release. This deluxe reissue by Relapse provides the complete package from a re-mastered “Scream Bloody Gore” to the bonus of the 7 tracks recorded in Florida and 10 rehearsal tracks recorded in LA. As you’d expect both sessions are raw, although the mix of the Florida tracks is very bottom end, with Reifert’s hammering drums frequently distorting and even Schuldiner’s guitar being somewhat dirty, even coming across as down-tuned – nevertheless, they almost take on a perverse life of their own – if anything to shatter my eardrums! The LA rehearsals are nothing short of a gem, with Burn’s professional production already giving the sound a quality feel and the in between chatter between himself, Schuldiner and Reifert really making it a recording lost in time especially when listening to classics like ‘Zombie Ritual’, ‘Infernal Death’ and ‘Beyond The Unholy Grave‘. With super expanded packaging and brand new extensive liner notes from Reifert himself, “Scream Bloody Gore” once again burns its way to the fore almost 30 years after the horror of its birth.

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