Death SS – “Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS”

Death SS – “Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS” 3 CD / 4 LP (Black Widow Records) 

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The most important metal band in Italian history, the cult in Death SS has been unrelenting over the years. At the turn of the century, the first tribute release “Beyond The Realms Of Death SS” was released and now, 18 years later comes its follow up in “Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS”. Originally scheduled for last year to coincide with the band’s 40th anniversary, such was the interest from bands to participate that the project had to be postponed for a year to plan everything out. Sanctioned by the iconic Steve Sylvester himself and totalling a monumental 35 bands across just as many tracks, this second release is twice the volume of the original tribute, attesting to the cult of Death SS even today! Featuring Mortiis, Bulldozer, Watain and Forgotten Tomb among the larger names, the sheer range of styles that have taken Death SS’s sound and developed it in their own way is impressive throughout from the doom noise of Hell Obelisco (‘Death’) to the Danzig style blues rock of ‘The Night Of The Witch’ from Doomraiser to the dual male / female goth opera of Blue Dawn on ‘Zombie’. Released across 3 CD’s and 4 LP’s, along with a limited (velvet) edition and special contents for the most dedicated fans, revel immeasurably as the black metal of Nibiru (‘Schizophrenic’), Shadows Of Steel’s melodic metal (‘Heavy Demons’), Damnation Gallery’s horror metal (‘Cannibal Queen’), Void Moon’s epic metal (‘Dionysus’) and the space rock of Space God Ritual (‘Black Mummy’) ram home the gospel of this most darkly hallowed band, renowned for their extraordinary live shows and responsible for influencing hundreds of bands both at home in Italy and around the world – Sylvester, we salute you!

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