Death Tyrant – “Opus De Tyranis”

Death Tyrant – “Opus De Tyranis” (Non Serviam Records)

Rising from the ashes of Lord Belial comes Sweden’s Death Tyrant! A collaboration between the Backelin and Antonsson brothers, blackened death is their way and much is owed to the master Jon Nödtveidt, especially in those metallic chiming melodies, although for the most part the nihilistic riffing and tortured vocals are very much still in the black camp. Interestingly, although played intensely, songs like ‘The Awakening Of Sleeping Gods’, ‘Impending Day Of Wrath’ and ‘Tenebrae’ are actually more up tempo in their overall speed rather than the hyper velocity of Dissection, which makes this a very manageable album indeed for those interested but not used to extreme forms of metal. For the rest Death Tyrant are yet another classy Swedish product awaiting discovery!

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