DEATHCULT ”Cult Of The Goat”

”Cult Of The Goat”
(Soulseller Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Reading through the guestlist on this album is like a knowhow of the Norwegian black metal scene. I know that a nice guestlist is not the same as it being a great album but in this case I have to say that it is. To my recollection I cannot remember ever having encountered this band back in 07 but then I cannot hardly remember what I did yesterday, let alone a week ago or ten years ago. Musically there is a rock’n’roll feeling to this. No, not the death’n’roll kind. It is more a loose feeling. Not so strict and structured but more anything goes attitude. But without sacrificing the black metal feel. This is both old school and very present at the same time. And in this case 10 years might mot have been that long a wait. Anders Ekdahl

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