Deathdestruction “II”

(Gain Music)

Built from members of HammerFall, Evergrey  & Dead By April and sporting a name such as “Deathdestruction” I really expected something different than what I’m hearing. Not having heard the debut I can’t make any sort of comparisons to it. The music on display here is groovy, catchy and well performed but very much in the “extreme radio metal” genre.  Some kinda ballad here with the track “Towards The Light” followed by the next track which has a definite metal-rap vibe happening. Commercial Alternative Rock is always a bad description to be sure but I really don’t know how else to describe this music. I can tell the band was aiming for this sound so it can’t be an outright insult. They could totally fit right in with the bands on 93X (our local extreme rock station). The name Deathdestruction really doesn’t fit unless they meant it ironically…

-Josh Cook

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