This gotta be one of the better band names that I’ve come upon in a very long time. The band must have thought long and hard to come up with the name. Not only does it look cool but it also kinda hints at what to expect from this musically. I’m not gonna say that every female growler sounds like Angela Gossow because that is not true but I do get an Arch Enemy feel from this band’s music. Perhaps not by fave band of all time I can still enjoy an Arch Enemy album to its fullest. This is death metal in that same kind of mid tempo section. Not fast and brutal like Incantation or melodic like In Flames but somewhere in between. If you have no problem with the tempo then this will most likely appeal to you, like it does to me. There is a charm to this album that is hard to resist. Another fine example of the Metalscrap catalogue. Anders Ekdahl

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