DEATHGOD MESSIAH ”Abomination Chants From Beyond The Grave”

”Abomination Chants From Beyond The Grave”
(Ascension Monuments Media)

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Taken from the press release “One of the best kept secrets among the US black metal scene, DEATHGOD MESSIAH is a heretic bestial blackened death metal onslaught founded in Allston, Massachusetts”. I have to admit that this band are a total blank to me. They managed to release an EP and prior to that an unreleased demo. So what prompted Ascension Monuments Media to resurrect this from its grave? Well, aside from the historical value of this US black metal bands music there is also the fact that this is some pretty good stuff. But then the band aren’t that old. Active between 2009-13 the music hasn’t had the chance to collect that much dust. So if you like really nekro black metal done the US way this is the stuff for you… and me. Anders Ekdahl

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