DEATHRED “Factor Inside Destiny 640”

“Factor Inside Destiny 640”
It should not matter where you are from, whether you come from Montevideo, Uruguay or from Gothenburg, Sweden. Not today it should. With internet as the main tool you can sit wherever in the world and create music that is universal. The first time I heard DEATHRED’ s album I thought it was the same tune played over and over again but as I continued listening I did notice that there are more to it than repetition. That it is instrumental power death metal doesn’t really say much to me other than I have to pay a bit more attention when there isn’t any vocals. Now that I’ve gotten more acquainted DEATHRED I’ve kinda gotten to like it. OK, so I miss the vocals but that aside this isn’t too shabby of a death metal record. With a better production and a vocalist this has all the potential for lift off. Done the right way this could turn out to be one of hell of an aggressive record. ( Anders Ekdahl

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