DEATHRONIC “Duality Chaos”

“Duality Chaos”
(Mighty Music)
I don’t know why anybody wants to take on the task of doing all by oneself. To me that seems like glutton for punishment. But if the result is anything but bad then I’ll champion anybody that does it by themselves. DEATHRONIC is a Parisian one-man band. To my ears this is melodic death metal close in spirit to Arch Enemy. There is that feel of control over this that I find in Arch Enemy’s music. Call it containment if you like but everything seems to be neatly arranged. Not that it means that this is bad. On the contrary. It is actually a rather nice album. If you like your metal slightly rough but with plenty of melody and not least guitar solos then this will be right up you alley. Add to it a touch of the symphonic and esoteric side of metal and you got a dran nice album. Anders Ekdahl

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