Deathtale – “Apocalyptic Deadline”

Deathtale – “Apocalyptic Deadline” (Terrasound Records)

It might seem like a storm in a teacup, but Austria’s Deathtale have been thru their fair share of the wars, even if it’s in a relatively small and I would imagine overlooked scene in comparison to gargantuan German neighbor. Essentially formed out of the remnants of Demolition, a relatively successful thrash band who in their time toured with the likes of Dio, Testament, Manowar, Saxon and Overkill to name but a few, Deathtale is a full on thrash affair that goosesteps in the direction of their Germanic cousins like 80s Kreator, Sodom or even the mighty Celtic Frost! Evil axe swinging riffs, brutal vocals and hammer smashing drums throw you over the battlements on aggressive songs like ‘Blood Trail’, ‘Suffering Rain’ and ‘Imagine The Pain’, which although not original, definitely rate as competent division 2 thrash.

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