DEBAUCHERY V/S BALGEROTH ”In der Hölle spricht man Deutsch”

”In der Hölle spricht man Deutsch”

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I have no idea what this is all about. The more I read about this, the more confused I get. As far as I understand is that this is a split release between DEBAUCHERY and BALGEROTH in which DEBAUCHERY do the BALGEROTH songs in English. Throw in Blood God and you got an unholy trinity of bands/projects all linked together in one way or another. This is a two CD history (three if you buy the deluxe edition) featuring BALGEROTH and DEBAUCHERY. I have always liked DEBAUCHERY and their ferocious metal. BALGEROTH turned out to be some really cool metal with a vibe of Motorhead meets thrash meets heavy metal. And that the lyrics are in German just adds to the fact that in hell they speak German. It has that feel of hopelessness about it that you have being trapped in place like hell. This one surprised me in a positive way. Anders Ekdahl

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