DECAYING “The Last Days Of War”

“The Last Days Of War”
Looking at the cover of this album brought up thought of Swedish käng punk, or curst or d-beat if you like. You know the kind that pretty much owes everything to Discharge. But somehow I don’t think this will be that much käng musically. But then again Discharge is one of the hardest bands that I’ve come upon ever so anything that might even resemble them musically is cool with me. But the first and that I came to think of was Bolt Thrower… gone even more death metal. There is something to DECAYING that has that sort of groove that Bolt Thrower seems masters at creating. I also get a very old Onslaught feeling listening to this. This turned out to be anything like I had thought it would be. This is actually a really cool release. One that I’m glad I got to hear. Anders Ekdahl

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