DECEMBER FLOWER “When All Life Ends…”

“When All Life Ends…”
(Cyclone Empire)
With a name like December Flower you’d be forgiven for thinking that this would be something along the lines of Katatonia’s melancholia but once you’ve taken a glance at the cover you know that this will be totally along the lines of Dissection and that amazing second album. While not a total rip-off this owes so much to Dissection that Jon Nödtveit might spin a couple of times in his eternal resting place. Not that I mind. I like that Dissection album as much as anybody else and I pity the turn of events that that led to the demise of both Dissection and Jon. So anything that even slightly brings back memories of that period in time gets both thumps up from me. There is something special to this kind of death metal, melodic while not being melodeath, that just pushes the right buttons in me. I can listen to this for a long time and not tire the slightest. Anders Ekdahl

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