Decipher – “Blame Yourself”


Decipher – “Blame Yourself” EP (

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For a young band that’s been together less than a year, this post hardcore crew from the sunny south coast of England certainly rock up a storm! Despite a ‘…year of setbacks stemming from break-ups, unemployment and loss and disappointment..’, Decipher have done the right thing in taking all that negativity and channeled it into their music, the positive outcome of which is this impressive 6 tracker EP. With energetic clanging riffs and heart grabbing melodies from the talented twin guitar team of Stuart Devlin and newcomer Jason Langdon, it’s no better stated than on addictive tracks like ‘What Strength I Have Left’ with its emo rhythm really bringing out its passions. Calum Stone has to possess some of the most off the wall vocals I’ve heard in a while and certainly take some getting used to, but once there, they definitely add a distinctive sound to songs like the screaming ‘Complacent‘. Backed by the hard, stamping rhythm of Rhys Willis (drums) and George Cooper (bass) certainly evident on the snapping ‘Without You’, Decipher have adopted a commendably mature approach from finding their own sound to their composing. Finally, they’ve worked with producers Daly George and Neil Kennedy at The Ranch Production House (Milk Teeth, Creeper) to arrive at a quality product in this debut EP worthy of garnering them recognition.

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