Dee Snider – “Leave A Scar”

Dee Snider – “Leave A Scar” (Napalm Records)
Battle Helm Rating
‘…Hey mutha fucker are you kidding me? This is a lesson that I give for free…’. No kidding, if there was one rocker who sez it like he means it, Dee Snider’s gotta be that guy. A well-known TV and radio mouthpiece who’s called it right plenty of times, Snider’s seen it thru thick ‘n’ thin since ’76 with the mighty Twisted Sister from Long Island! Going solo at the turn of the century, “Leave A Scar” is his 5th solo album, recorded with the same line up of guitarists Charlie Bellmore (Kingdom Of Sorrow) and Nick ‘Taz’ Petrino (My Missing Half, Sonic Pulse), bassist Russ Pzutto (an understudy for the bassist Mark ‘Animal’ Mendoza) and nuclear drummer Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust). Continuing Snider’s defiant, against-the-odds determination to carry on fighting, the 12 tracks rage like Rocky into the championship rounds simply refusing to go down! From nitro fuelled rockers to anthemic stadium shakers and heavy ass street stompers, the tone is definitely more aggressive than Twisted Sister, although there are undeniably aspects of that great band in there too, while the Snider’s signature vocal sound is unmistakeable. Opening with ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’, the twin guitars sound like engine beasts as they riff out thick ‘n’ fast as Snider proudly proclaims ‘…there’s no better feeling…it’s a Heavy Metal healing…be advised…I’m gonna rock until the day that I die..’ before the solos blaze into a headbanging, air punching passage that rages unto the end – awesome! Adding to the rhyming lyrics on ‘Down But Never Out’, massive hardcore shout outs bring it on to chunky riffs and double kick beats while contrasted by catchy lead breaks and Snider’s own impassioned vocals on this chugger of a number that stokes in as much fire as soul – wow. Slowing it down but heavier than all on ‘S.H.E’, the mutha of all riffs grabs you by the ballz in leading up to the anthemic chorus suavely laced by a chiming melody before the wailing solos take off to double bass beats on this superb song skillfully mixing heaviness with heart. Rapid firing on ‘The Reckoning’, abrasive guitars, hammering bass and pounding drums headbang to the gods along with more raging shout outs and icy melodies on this dark number as Snider calls in the marker intimidatingly on some poor soul thru lines like ‘…there’s nothing that you can do…you’re living in fear…you’ll never know what hit you…’ – superb. Once again produced by Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) with George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher (Cannibal Corpse) guesting, “Leave A Scar” is a mutha of an album.
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