Deep Black Sees – “Inside Outside”

Deep Black Sees
“Inside Outside”
(Rising Records)

Influenced by the 3P’s of Pink Floyd, PFM and Porcupine Tree, it comes as no surprise that this Sicilian band are the latest discovery of famed producer Sylvia Massey (System Of A Down, Tool, REM etc). Essentially an eclectic band fusing Progressive/Psychedelic/Ambient with rock and metal, DBS produce as you can imagine a variety of sounds ranging from 70s Hammond organ to piano to beast vocals on songs like ‘Ashes From My Eyes’, ‘Soul Freedom’ and ‘Weeping Tears’. Whilst the initial perception may be one of another Ulver, Enslaved or Opeth, these guys are are actually far more straightforward, combining only a coupla elements here and there without loosing the overall structure of the song – or its heaviness for that matter – and they have a very West Coast sound that undoubtedly Massey would’ve cottoned onto, hence their high profile gigs in San Francisco preceding their signing onto Rising!

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