Deep Machine – “Whispers In The Black”

Deep Machine – “Whispers In The Black” EP (High Roller Records)

Blimey – this one goes back all the way to 1979 – the birth of NWOBHM! Deep Machine were one of those bands that everyone knew cos virtually everyone who played with them went onto bigger things – if only Deep Machine did beyond a demo! Founded and still fronted by guitarist Bob Hooker, they were regulars at Maiden’s venue – The Ruskin Arms in London’s East End – so much so that Bob even auditioned for the band only to be trumped by Tony Parsons. Eventually he handed the band to Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourne, and ultimately it fragmented into Angel Witch, Paul Di’anno’s Lonewolf and Tokyo Blade – and that’s the short story! In 2009, after 30 years, Hooker reactivated Deep Machine and amazingly it sounds just like it did 3 decades ago – right down to the meat n potatoes production on this limited edition EP! Musically Deep Machine sound just like all those aforementioned bands did in their heyday on updated versions of ‘Iron Cross’ and ‘Killer’, which match the newly penned title track – pure heavy metal mayhem with high crescendo vocals, raw no effects guitars and mutha load rhythms. This is a magic effort and I really hope Hooker can keep the band going this time round cos Deep Machine are the real NWOBHM deal bar none!

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