DEFEATED SANITY “Passages Into Deformity”

“Passages Into Deformity”
The first time I heard Mortician I thought them to be crap. I couldn’t get through their wall of noise. The fact that it was a live 7” that was my first encounter with them didn’t help. Later on I come to realize what a great band Mortician really is. Why all this rambling on about Mortician then? Well, if you like your death metal heavy and intense like hell and like bands like Incantation, Immolation, Suffocation then DEAFEATED SANITY might be right up you alley. I get the same feeling listening to DEFEATED SANITY as I got the first time I heard Mortician. This is death metal that is so murky that the even the vocals are just a growl. So if that is your cup of death then you know where to look. I myself need some more time getting used to this before I give it two thumps up, or not. Anders Ekdahl

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