Defy The Curse – “Defy The Curse”

Defy The Curse – “Defy The Curse” EP (Hammerheart Records) 
Battle Helm Rating
Oh wow, total Boss HM-2 overload!!! Formed by ex-members from Legion Of The Damned, Collision, Slam Squad, Inhume and Acid Deathtrip, this veteran Dutch death crust band recorded this debut EP on Friday 13th of this year and indeed, they’ve defied any unlucky curse to come out with this absolute gem. Taking predictable inspiration from early Entombed, Dismember, Discharge and Autopsy prepare for nothing short of a total war of distorted guitars so filthy you could fill a sewer, a distorted bass so heavy it could disintegrate a rhino, drums that sound like an artillery barrage and chaotic, waaaayyy out there crustcore vocals from these connoisseurs who know just how to mix it on the 5 deadly tracks here ranging from ‘Disdain’ to ‘The Messiah Complex’ and ‘Oblivion’. Of course, what makes this special is not only the detonation factor but the excellent arrangements that allow the massive riffs and gargantuan grooves to weave their deadly magic around your skull to induce utter sense around bliss. Add in the dark melodies intelligently placed at just the right moments, an astounding sound quality and yeah, this neat little EP does plenty of damage in fine style. Just what Father Christmas ordered for all you bad asses. 
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