DEGIAL “Death’s Striking Wings”

“Death’s Striking Wings”
(Sepulchral Voice)
Degial belongs to the category of Swedish death metal bands that are being hyped right now. I don’t believe the hype, well usually not, but when it comes to this new wave of Swedish death metal I gotta admit that the hype was right, or has been so far at least. I have not heard a single bad new Swedish death metal act in 2012. I hope Degial will continue that trend. I’m not gonna go all nostalgic on you guys but most of the new Swedish death metal bands that I’ve heard this year sounds like a continuation of the late 80s sound. Not that I’m complaining. Degial are no exception. This is old school Swedish death metal played by a new generation. And I like it. There is something to the raw and basic death metal that they play that strikes all the right chords in me. Anders Ekdahl

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