DEGRADATION “Juggernaut”

“Juggernaut” is pretty much an self-explanatory album title, an declaration of intent if you so like. With a title like that you know that you will not get an album full of love songs or songs about flowers. And as expected this is pretty much full on thrash metal done in a way that brings back thoughts of the second wave of thrash metal. If you remember bands like Defiance or Holy Terror and wonders why nobody today does that same old thrash metal sound you should lend Degradation an ear or two. This is pretty chugging the way I like my thrash metal. For the longest of time I had a hard time with music that wasn’t fast enough. Degradation reminds me of why I like my music fast. There is something invigorating about high paced music that gets your heart pumping. “Juggernaut” proved to be a pleasant little piece of plastic. Anders Ekdahl

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