DEGRAGORE “From Sin To Redemption”

“From Sin To Redemption”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am a huge gore/horror movie fan if it is done with style and feeling. As much as I like Rob Zombie’s movies as much do I dread seeing them as I kinda know what to expect from them. I kinda feel the same way about extreme, brutal death metal. I have heard Cannibal Corpse. What more is there? To be totally honest, there are tons of different acts to explore. Some even better than CC. This Hungarian band is not better. This is heavy, it is brutal and it is good enough to listen to but I do feel that I am missing some vital components. Perhaps I would have liked for it to be even more brutal and slamming. Maybe this is one of those that will grow on me. Anders Ekdahl

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