DEHUMAN “Black Throne Of All Creation”

“Black Throne Of All Creation”
These Belgians are being described as old this or old that. And while I still like my old Merciless, old Morbid Angel and old Suffocation it would be nice to hear something that doesn’t repeat what has already been done. But then again who am I to complain. If the shoe fits, wear it. So it is with great anticipation that I approach this album. Will I be transported back to the time when I heard my old favourites the first time? Sure, there is an old school feel to it. It could have been released around the time of Morbid Angel/Merciless when they first got onto the scene but there are still enough modern touches to make it valid as anything but a nostalgia trip. And without being too sentimental I have to admit that I like it. This is the kind of stuff that is embedded deep in my neural chord. Anders Ekdahl

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