DEHYDRATED ”Resurrection”

(Slovak Metal Army/Immortal Souls Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This whole thing with there being many bands with the same name can be quite confusing. Especially when they seem to play the same sort of metal. I know of at least two bands that play brutal death metal and are called DEHYDRATED. A Russian band and this Slovak band. You might have read the interview I did with them not that long ago. Here is the album. And if I’ve understood it correctly this is the follow up to their 1997 album (???). Listening to this I do hear a clear and present 90s feel in their death metal. There are hints at Death in the sound. Listen carefully and you too will hear them. And that is just okay with me. This might not technically be old school but it is that vibe this album gives me and I am fine with that. Anders Ekdahl

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